2012-11-29 - Game of Cubes Updated.

Oso Games is pleased to announce the immediate availability of two new releases for Game of Cubes, a highly unique and extremely challenging 3D arcade puzzle game from industry veteran James Robertson (Bullfrog, Funcom, et al). More...

2012-10-26 - Game of Cubes launch date confirmed.

Oso Games is pleased to announce that Game of Cubes, a challenging, fun, and highly addictive arcade puzzle game, will be released for iPhone and iPad on Wednesday the 7th of November. More...

2012-10-05 - Game of Cubes is officially announced.

Oso Games is pleased to officially announce Game of Cubes, a fun, challenging, and highly addictive arcade puzzle game. Game of Cubes is currently on schedule to be released in early November. More...

Game of Cubes
If you're a fan of puzzle games or if you simply enjoy the challenge of solving engaging puzzles, then you’re going to love Game of Cubes!

Roll the cubes around the level to match them up with their lost counterparts in this fun arcade puzzle game.

Out now for iPhone and iPad. Why not try the demo version right here on this website.

Get all the latest updates and release information from the Game of Cubes Facebook page.